What is Social Erasmus? How do visually impaired people walk with the white cane? How can I help people who are visually impaired? These and many more questions were answered last Friday at the “Social Inclusion and Equality Friday”.

In three different workshops we got a little insight into what it means to be blind, deaf or mute. Through fun exercises we experienced the challenges that people with these kinds of disabilities face in their everyday life and during social interaction.

We have learned that visually impaired people can go on exchange and what we as fellow students can do to help them. We have learned that a lot of different projects can be part of Social Erasmus and that these projects can improve our community as a whole. We have learned how challenging it can be if you have to complete a task and some group members are either blind, deaf, or mute. At the end of the event there was a lovely get-together where we could eat, drink, chat and laugh and I am looking forward to the next “Social Inclusion and Equality Friday” already.  

Text by Teresa Richter

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