Here’s an update on the latest ESN trip to St. Petersburg (16.10-20.10)!

After a long but also fun bus trip (read: lots of singing!) to Helsinki we got on the ferry that would bring us to St. Petersburg. The ferry soon filled up with lots of families, couples and many other exchange students from other ESN organisations, you can imagine everyone had (too?) much fun! Also, how many times in your life do you get to see a perfect sundown with a Helsinki skyline?

After a looong security check we got into our busses to go a bus tour of St. Petersburg with a few photo stops and lots of Russian jokes, thanks to our great tour-leader!

Later that day, we all got dressed up for Swan Lake in the Hermitage theatre. Great experience for the real ballet lovers! There was also the option to save your fancy dress for the limousine trip that followed, or do both activities of course. The limousine trip (including multiple glasses of champagne) was a great way to experience the highlights of St. Petersburg by night and a perfect entrance for the parties that followed. Luckily, if you enjoyed the champagne a little too much like me, the limousine driver will happily drive you back to your hotel and support you while walking to the main hotel entrance..

The next day everyone was able to enjoy the finest art in St. Petersburg exposed in the Hermitage Museum. If you haven’t seen enough, you could join the impressive cathedrals tour that followed or take the opportunity to explore this wonderful city on your own.

This day there was also a chance to see Saint Petersburg by night! This time on a boat, but also with lots of champagne! Although a boat trip is also a quite spectacular to entrance a night club, be prepared that you won’t find any Russians in a bar or club on Sundays..

On already the last day in St. Petersburg you could join a bus trip to the Catherine’s Palace, which is located about 25 km. outside the city. Not only do you get to see this huge palace, you also get to wonder in its gardens which are at least as beautiful as the palace itself, if you are as lucky as we were with the weather.


After this, it was already time to plunder the local supermarkets and avoid the on-board prices for meals, and get back on board. I made sure I’d rush through the queueing, so I got on the boat before sundown, and take some great pics of the wonderful view.

This was definitely a good trip if you’re into arts and culture, but also if you just wanted to enjoy everything that a large and lively city can offer you.


Written by Emily