ROAARRR! ESN Joensuu’s Halloween party in 60’s Palaver was just absolutely horrifying. I was surrounded by all kinds of creepy creatures and a werewolf actually sat in my table. My heartrate was somewhere around 1000 bpm because I was so terrified that I would not see the next sunrise. I am forever thankful to ESN Joensuu for providing us some delicious snacks- in fact the snacks were so delicious that they turned a werewolf into a vegetarian. I’ve never seen a wolf munching peanuts before! Well, there’s a first time for everything, they say.

We had some time to chat and get drinks before the actual event started so my racing heart settled a bit. Then this gorgeous geisha lady took the stage and announced that the Halloween games shall begin. I was both excited and terrified in the same time. In the first game one member of the team had to guess what was in the three mystery bags- blindfolded of course! It was fun to watch and I was very proud of my bestie who sacrificed herself so none of us had to touch random items blindfolded. AND one of the items was a sweet potato!! I don’t know why I found it so funny but it still makes me smile.

Moving on… Even though it was hard for me to get over the sweet potato-thing. Then we had a quick bathroom break (important info!) and some of us got drinks.  Then it was already time for the next competition and I had the privilege to be the centre of the attention of two lovely ladies. Basically, I was wrapped to winding sheets (aka. toilet paper) so tightly that I thought I’d never be able to move my hands again. Just kidding, it was a lot of fun. I even heard the best line ever during the competition: “JUST WRAP IT”. I think I’m going to use that one as my life motto.

The next competition was a quiz about Halloween. The questions were funny and in the same time educational, I know now a lot more about the origins of Halloween. The best part of the quiz was of course that my wonderful team, “Headless Ho(rsemen)”, achieved an important triumph against other tables. The competition between the tables was tight when there was just two games left. I laughed so much that my stomach hurt, when we had the dubbing competition. The idea was that a member of each team had to improvise lines to an old mute film and I will never forget some of the performances. You might not know, but when I find something really funny I laugh like a mule and tears are running down my face. That’s what happened, sorry guys but I couldn’t help it. Hee-haw!

The last competition was about creating a dance to a Halloween song. Once again, I had soooo much fun! My team took the stage and performed the coolest group dance ever but I have to say that the other teams were amazing too. I felt that people were able to let loose with this competition. Then it was time to count down the points and vote for the best costume. Finally, before heading to the after party at Kerubi, we all got candy from that geisha lady I mentioned earlier. CANDY- I love that stuff.

The after party was held at Kerubin Kellari and, from a participant’s point of view, it was wonderful. The Halloween decorations were done with enthusiasm and the music was good. And I must say, that the ESN Joensuu Halloween party has been one of the best events I’ve ever attended. As a typical Finn, I never dance. Unless it’s my own wedding or if I am so wasted that I get lost to the dancefloor on my way to the bathroom… But on that evening it was not my wedding and I in my opinion I was sober-ish so, believe it or not, I DANCED. Or more like raved like there was no tomorrow and had the best time of my life with the most awesome people. Apparently this is what ESN Joensuu does to person and to be honest I could not be happier with this change. So, as a conclusion, the Halloween party was full of laughter, fun quizzes and games and utterly amazing people.

Katri Herranen 


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