Hi everyone,

Last Saturday the Grill and Chill event took place in Utransaari. It was a great success, more than hundred people came to this idyllist place, to enjoy sunset and eat roasted sausages. It was cool that you came with so many people, because we created this event in only a couple of days beforehand. Unfortunately we couldn’t play the Mölkky (the typical Finnish game), that’s why we improvised another game. More than twenty people participated and it was funny. The game called ‘boomtikkertje’ (Dutch word, I know awful language), and the literally translating is tree-tagging.The concept of the game is to ‘steal’ a tree from another. There are for example 20 people divided over 18 trees. Two persons don’t have a tree. When the leader of the game count from one to three the persons with a tree have to change their tree with another. At that moment the two persons without a tree have to try to ‘steal’ a tree by putting their hand earlier on a tree than another person. In the end you have to run from tree to tree and be quick otherwise your tree is gone. It was fantastic to see that the participants where active and putting a lot of exercise not to lose.

After the Grill part of the event there was a long time to chill. The fireplaces became campfires and the open relax atmosphere was cozy. In the end it was quit dark on the island, so dark that if you carefully look to the sky you potential see something besides the stars…but did someone see the Aurora?

We hope you enjoyed it, see you next event!

Autor: Hugo Schönwetter, ESN Joensuu ExchangeAbility coordinator and Event Manager