11 October h8.30- Carelia building Everyone is ready and full of enthusiasm for this amazing trip to the Russian city that has changed its name 3 times throughout the centuries.

After 7 hours of bus trip there we are, finally in Helsinki, from where another 14 hours still keep us apart from St. Petersburg. “It was my first time traveling with a boat! The photo with the captain will be for me a precious memory, even though he seemed to be quite young and this didn't make me feel completely safe.” Despite his young age we arrived at the destination safe and sound!

During the 3 days in St. Petersburg we had full of activities. From the night cruise on Rivers, where we could see the magic city from another perspective, enjoying music and some drinks, to the excursion to the Catherine’s Palace. “By far one of the most amazing palaces I have even seen in my whole life.” During the traditional Russian evening we tried different typical Russian dishes and experienced some traditional games and dances. A visit to St. Petersburg wouldn’t be worth without visiting the cathedrals. “I have always seen pictures of the Cathedral on the Spilled Blood but seeing it with my own eyes was something different! Moreover, our tour guide took us back in time and made our visit unforgettable!” On the last day we had the opportunity to visit the Hermitage museum. “I have always wished to visit the Hermitage! The grandeur, the beauty and the paintings are breathtaking! A truly world wonder!”

At the end of this amazing trip all of us agree on one thing: 72 hours are certainly not enough for fully sightseeing the so called “Window on the West”. That’s why some of us are already with the agenda in their hands, planning another visit to the city of Dostoyevsky, maybe during the “White nights” period.

Larisa Agavriloaiei