Discover Joensuu is a city orientation competition where you get to know your new home town from a different perspective! Together with your team you need to hunt down different landmarks/places of interest around Joensuu. Once there, take a selfie with your team, upload the picture onto the event page with #ESNdiscoverjoensuu )if possible) and move on the next point. The points you to visit you choose yourselves from the map given by us: the further you go, the more points you'll get! This competition is all about having a good time: seeing more of Joensuu and gaining memorable experiences with your mates!


On top of giving prizes to the fastest teams in bike/foot categories and the team with most points, we also rewarded the teams that had the best team spirit and most artistic photos.

When the teams got back to our base, they had some snacks and hot beverages waiting for them, as well as a few couches to rest their legs on.  


We decided that next year we’ll book the Joensuu Arena as our base point because the event was so popular. ESN Discover Joensuu – bigger than Cheek! Celebration time come on!