YO-symposium is a students’ interdisciplinary forum with the aim to bring students together to discuss different topics across faculties.

This time we are joining forces to tackle the topic of multiculturalism!

Late Modernity, our time. A time characterized by the seemingly unprecedented movement and exchange of people, ideas and goods, transcending national boundaries while criss-crossing physical as well as social space. Where does this development lead? How do we describe the new forms of conjunction or separation it creates? Is it still possible to uphold conceptions of here and there, us and them, the self and the other that stood unchallenged for so long?

One way of engaging and appreciating the ever branching diversity and multiplicity of identity, culture and belonging would be a philosophical stance called Multiculturalism. But as the concepts listed in the previous sentence it presents itself as an idea as intriguing as it is intangible and imprecise. While Multiculturalism is becoming more and more prevalent a term in various discourses it is most commonly and repeatedly referred to by polities engaging in the ascription of cultural identities.

Can Multiculturalism be an answer to the developments of Late Modernity, can it represent an opportunity for mutual learning, exchange and coexistence? Or is it to be understood as the reaction of liberal and neoliberal forms of political economic rationality to the developments of our time, a function of the modern nation-state striving to remain the arguably most influential cultural identifier?

Let’s try to come a little bit closer to the answer of this question by taking into consideration the professional and life experiences of our presenters before discussing the topic with each other.

Suvi Hirvonen (The Red Cross)
Rosa Gonzalez Hautamäki (10 years as an immigrant)
Yasemin Kontkanen (Junior researcher in sociology)

Place: AU111
Date and Time: 5th of May from 5:30pm (doors open from 5pm)

Held by Yo-symposium and ESN @https://www.facebook.com/groups/ylioppilaidensymposium/

05/05/2015 - 17:00