Would you like to join the first ESN Joensuu board meeting of Autumn 2015!

Everybody is welcome!
It will take place at The Student Union Haltia Building on the UEF joensuu Campus grounds.


1. Opening the meeting
2. Legality and quorum
3. Accepting the Agenda
4. Past Events
4.1. Board Training Event
4.2. Language Cafe...
5. Future Events
5.1. Discover Joensuu
5.2. Erasmus In Schools
5.3. Frisbee Golf + Barbeque
5.4. ISYY Association Day
5.5. ESN Goes Cosmic Bowling
5.6. SitSit “Winter Is Coming” @ Kerubi
5.7. St. Petersburg Trip
5.8. ESN “Pirates of The Baltic Sea”
5.9. Active Members Training
6. Proposals
6.1. Student Exchange Day
7. Other Topics
7.1. ESN Gift Exchange
7.2. Facebook Actives Group Rules + Cleanup
7.3. Card requirement explanation
8. Next Meeting
9. Closing The Meeting
For Further information check it out on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/1007397932624632/
15/09/2015 - 18:00
Contact details: 
FB: Susi Van Wolf
FB: ESN Joensuu
Email: esnjoensuu@esnfinland.eu
  • Everyone is invited.