International Dinner & “Nenäpäivä” fundraising is a wonderful event where you can firstly enjoy good food and the amazing company of other ESN:ers, and secondly make a difference by donating to the nationwide “Nenäpäivä” (Red nose day) campaign.
This event is free to all ISYY and ESN members(remember to take your card with you!). Outsiders are also welcome with a 5€ entrance fee (will be donated to "Nenäpäivä"!).
1-International Dinner:
In order to take part in the International dinner, you’ll need to prepare a dish (about 3 servings) that preferably represents the food that is typical in your home country. All the food will be shared among the participants in a buffet-style feast! This is an amazing opportunity for you to both offer your fellow students a little taste of your own culture and also to try out some exotic new flavours yourself! Please prepare a (cardboard) sign with the name of the dish and the name of the country where it's from. Also write a list with all the ingredients used in the dish in case of allergies! :)
ESN Joensuu will provide the crockery / cutlery as well as some non-alcoholic drinks. There are a limited number of spots available for this dinner party and the registration is compulsory.
2-“Nenäpäivä” fundraising:
Alongside the International dinner, this year ESN is proud to announce that we’re also raising money for the “Nenäpäivä” (Red nose day) campaign in the form of a raffle! So start saving those coins and help us make a difference! All the money raised will be donated to the "Nenäpäivä"-foundation that will use it to help children in the developing countries. In addition to ESN, lots of other Finnish organisations, schools, celebrities etc. are donating money toward this wonderful cause.
Photo by Alex Sokolov
WHAT: International Dinner & “Nenäpäivä” fundraising
WHEN: Friday the 6th October at 6pm
WHERE: E200, Educa Building, Tulliportinkatu 1, Joensuu
PRICE: FREE for ISYY/ESN members, 5€ non-members (will be donated to "Nenäpäivä")
ESN Joensuu Team
06/10/2017 - 18:00 to 21:00
E200, Educa Building, Tulliportinkatu 1
  • Everyone is invited.