Happy Halloween!!

Turning the usual pub quiz into a horrifying Halloween spectacle! When a normal pub quiz becomes a Halloween get-together. The ESN Halloween Party and JES Pub Quiz was definitely a fun event to join. The night of horror in 60`s Palaver started at around 6:30 and ended right before midnight. Dressed up in scary costumes or just going as a pumpkin twin, everybody was welcomed to join. A little bit challenging but with some moments of enlightening, I had a lot of fun answering the Halloween Edition of the pub quiz. While drinking some beers that did for sure help refreshing the memory, we in teams tried to answer the questions of the pub quizzes. During the breaks, we played some fun games that where all connected to the Halloween theme and that were a lot of fun to play and definitely entertaining! So if somebody did not do so well on the quizzes, one could luckily also score with the games. There was also a price for the best costumes at the party and guess who won.. The PUMPKINS and Captain Jack Sparrow! :D

It was certainly one of the most original costumes! J The atmosphere was enjoyable but of course, slightly scaring and if one is not afraid of zombies, I would recommend joining the event next Halloween.

by Clara Reinthaler