When I have seen the Facebook event of this trip from ESN, I realized, that I have a chance to got to Russia with my new international friends, so I decided to buy the ticket

 We were very excited about the ferry, we talked about that on the bus, we organized the cabin parties before the disco. In the port we got the boarding pass. I had tons of new experiences in this trip. First of all, it was my first journey on a ferry. We discovered the cabins and realised that we had a very good time on the voyage! We had welcome show after the departure and an unforgettable party on the board in the first night, so getting-up was hard in the next morning.

When we arrived to port of Saint-Petersburg, we had a weird feeling: Russia is an other world, it is not the similar, where we had been before. There were no latin letters, so I couldn`t read anything on the streets. We had guided sightseeing tours in the city from mornings until late afternoons, and at the end of the days we went to party together in the city centre. We visited all of the most important places for tourists -cathedrals, Hermitage Museum, Catherine’s Palace in Pushkin-, but there are lots of things left, which we haven’t seen in theses 3 days. Maybe next time…

We had an amazing trip with my friends from Joensuu, we had lots of new experiences, we became a better community in the trip.

by Farkas Bertalan