It was the first time, when we went to another city from Joensuu. We realized the distances in Finland. Kuopio is not far from here, it is about 2 hours by bus.

  I met with amazing new people on the bus. When we arrived to Kuopio, we decided, that we don`t want to go to the IKEA, so we discovered the city. Usoa and Amir were in our team and they had previous experiences about Kuopio, we followed them. We went to the fish market and saw, that fish is not just a food for Finns, there are lots of species and variations for prepare, and fish market is a social place for talking and meeting with each other. After that, we took our sandwich or sausage lunch next to a lake (of course, we are in Finland), and talked about the next destination, the Puljo Tower. We walked to the tower, we went to the top of the tower. The 45 minutes walk was totally worth, because there were around the amazing landscape of Kuopio! At the end of the trip we told our experiencies on the bus, when we left Kuopio.

by Farkas Bertalan