On the 10th of February it was time, time for some delicious food with awesome people. For the board and active members of Spring 2017 this was one of the first events to organize, which was pretty exciting. After some planning, shopping and setting up tables we were all ready for the participants to come with top chef dishes, and they did! Even a little before the actual starting time there were some people eager to come in and show off their amazingly cooked meals. However, we probably only actually started the dinner around 7pm after most people had arrived. Everyone was given a number to be able to vote for the best food and everyone got a piece of paper with their magic word on it. This was a game created by Swantes in which you had to make another person say your magic word to be able to get points, a nice way to talk to a lot of people in the room! Besides this game and tasting all the food from different countries we also had a quiz about all of this created by Filip. Two enthusiastic students competed with each other in stating the most dishes they tasted and answering question about certain dishes. Of course, the winner got more food; chocolate! After most of the food was finished and some people scraped the last bits off the serving plates we started voting for the best meal. The winner was the Moroccan dish! We had a really nice evening and ended this with a lot of us in Kerubi for the international party :)

By Annelot van Rooij