I was in the canteen, when we talked about the trips with my friends, and one of them started to talk about the Pirates of the Baltic Sea event. I asked her: What is it exactly? She answered: “This is a party ship with 1500 students from Finland, Estonia and Latvia in 2 nights on the board from Helsinki to Stockholm and back.” Reaction from me: „Wow! That`s awesome, I want to be there!”

 We went to Helsinki by bus from Joensuu. Everybody was ready for the most amazing days in the semester. We had a 3 hours long dinner and after that we took part in a huge party in that night and the next day, too. We spent only 6 hours in Stockholm. We had an opportunity to take part in a 2 hours guided bus tour and later we took a lunch in a restaurant with my friend, and we visited the beautiful metro stations, while we travelled back to the port. We were very-very tired, when we went to Joensuu back, but these days was unforgettable!

by Farkas Bertalan