ESN Joensuu goes cosmic bowling

On February, we had the chance to test our bowling skills as ESN Joensuu and the local bowling company, Cosmic, organized an event for more than 100 ESN-participants!

You might ask: how did that turn out with so many participants? After signing up, the organizers divided us into groups beforehand so that everybody had a particular shift that lasted for 30 minutes. It was possible to sign your friends to the same shift, or as a way of meeting new people, let the hosts to find you a group to share the event with!

We saw some amazing strikes and although we didn’t break any records ourselves, for us the best part was the positive atmosphere and the chance to relax and fave fun among the oh so time-consuming studies.

We’d like to thank all the organizers for hosting the event and making it super easy to take part in the event, because everything was organized for us – all we had to do was to sign up. And above all, the event was completely free of charge – we didn’t have to pay even for the shoes!

Text by Sonja Sivén and Matleena Kinnunen


Check out the video report by Amir Bedir here!