ESN Joensuu Flashback Sitsit on 17th of March

ESN Joensuu’s Flashback Sitsit was just wonderful and a perfect opportunity to get an inside view on Finnish academic party culture. Sitsit may at first seem just another weird tradition of the Finnish people among wifecarrying competitions and eating mämmi on Easter holidays. But this is not the case; sitsit is a sophisticated table party full of singing, fun (or not so fun) punishments and delicious food.

Some of you might still wonder what happens in this mysterious party called sitsit. Usually I would say: “What happens at sitsit stays at sitsit” but this time I can make an exception. Once you arrive to the venue, you will have to find your seat and you must remember not to sit down before the toastmasters allow that. Toastmasters, what are thooosee? Well, toastmasters are the “dictators” of the night, they have an unlimited power to give punishments and they basically lead the event. The punishments are the best and worst part of sitsit, in other words, it’s fun as long as you don’t get punished yourself. It is an art to avoid punishment because you might get punished for eating while the toastmasters are speaking or being late from the sitsit and so on. These oh-so-awfully-hilarious punishments may involve ducktape, handcuffs and corsets… YES, all that and much more.

And to come back to these particular sitsit, I must say that the venue was amazing. The sitsit were held in Kerubi’s Kellari and also the delicious menu was created with Kerubi’s staff. The fresh salad, perfectly cooked stake and fruity dessert… my mouth is watering just from thinking back those dishes. And the flashback theme was extremely well represented; the decorations fitted the theme perfectly and even the afterparty was coordinated with our theme. And you don’t get a change to party with Audrey Hepburn, Zeus, a dozen of hippies and Ash Ketchup that often. I was just amazed by the effort people had put into their costumes and it made the whole event so special. My experience was wonderful and I would recommend the ESN Joensuu’s sitsit to anyone who would like to get an unforgettable experience and an inside view on Finnish academic parties.

Written by: Katri Herranen


Check out the photobooth photos here and other photos from the evening here!