Hi, Hola, Terve, Olá, Marhabaan, Salut ....
This is the Language Café. A place where people from different countries exchange language and cultural experiences. Language Café meetings will be arranged throughout the semester so people can learn more about other countries, foods, habits and how to speak other languages too. Finnish, Russian, Italian, Arabic, Spanish, French, Japanese and English are some of the language café's you are able to participate in.

The first meeting took place on the 26th of January at University of Eastern Finland. On this day we applied to attend different Language Cafés. It was the perfect multicultural setting. Curiosity, respect and thirst for knowledge were the primary goal. Come, enjoy and learn in Language Café's. But most of all, have lots of fun!

Didn't you sign up for any Language Café yet? What are you waiting for? Check this webpage and choose the languages you want to learn the most!

Text by Ana Carina

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