Fun, food and friends, what more could you ask for really?

Well, I'll tell you, it's having a nice time, eating yummy food and enjoying good company, for a good cause to top it all up. That is what ESN's "Dinner in the Dark" gave us. It balanced enjoyment and disability awareness without one aspect overshadowing the other.

We sat at our tables and wore our blindfolds then were served a three course meal which we attempted to eat blindfolded. Only then did I realise the difficulties of this seemingly simple task. It is not just about locating the items which are right in front of you, but it is about not even knowing if your dish is finished as well as a deeper side I cannot put into words.

As the evening progressed, we were paired up and asked to complete a blindfolded drawing challenge. Some surprising pieces of artwork immerged from that activity... and others which seemed to have been drawn by a 2 year old *cough cough*. Nothing compared to the art of Jeff Hanson though, a young man with blindness who raised 1 million dollars for a charity with his paintings. I only learned about him in the event and now you can too:

While the atmosphere was light-hearted (and the cake was quite delicious) the activities opened our eyes (pun unintended) to the reality of those who suffer from complete or some extent of blindness and made us see things from a different perspective.

Thank you to everyone who organised the event and especially the bakers Oni and Clara ;)

By Zainab Aljudi