One of the first events which I experienced upon my arrival in Joensuu was City Orienteering aka City Crush. Even though I had already known many places in the city centre before this event, I was still surprised how many places we visited which I did not know. But getting to know the city was not the best part about the event, the best part about that was having fun with our amazing international group! :) Our group in city orienteering was the same as my mentor group so we already knew each other. We dressed up as clowns and even though I expected that everyone would dress up, we were almost the only group. Never mind, we looked hilarious and we had fun! :) Then we tried to do as many tasks as possible. We enjoyed doing some karaoke, making up our own rap songs, doing hand-stands and some other crazy things. Even though the event took a few hours, we were so dedicated to that and did not give it up. After a week, we even found out that we won the whole competition! :D So if you are still unsure whether you should participate in this event or not, do not even hesitate and just go for it! It was definitely one of the most entertaining events of my semester in Joensuu. 

By Pavla Wernerová